Growing people


Strong Foundation invests in people, teams and organisations with a vision of growing people and building businesses.
Our passion for people and their businesses has been unwavering since 1991. We believe every individual is capable of the extraordinary.  Our mission is to facilitate self awareness and influence ownership resulting in greater effectiveness and focussed productivity.  We believe strong people with strong skills form the foundation of strong business. Conversely, strong healthy businesses that develop strong skills, positively impact people. Contact us now to get the most out of your people.


Meet Your Coach



Dr. Martie Lancellas

Founder, Executive Coach, Supervisor

As Founding member of Strong Foundation, Dr Lancellas is passionate about people reaching their potential. She comes highly recommended as a coach, mentor and consultant.




Coaching is a powerful tool for individuals who want to develop their skills and increase their effectiveness in the workplace.


We offer a wide range of short-term training options for businesses who aim to develop & deposit skills for success.


Our qualified coaches will assist you to get the most out of your employees to create a prosperous working environment.