About Us - Who is Strong Foundation

Who we are

We are individuals, with immeasurable passion for people and their potential. Our passion and know-how is the driving force behind every service offering and program at Strong Foundation. We empower individuals to live a fulfilled life and support sustainable business success through a focus on organisational health.

We specialise in

  • Coaching (Executive, business and life coaching),
  • Coach training (short course, certificate & diploma),
  • Workshops (leadership & personal development courses)
  • Consulting (Organisational health: leadership cohesion, clarity on values and vision, culture of excellence & executive leadership mentoring)

Based on a personalised approach, we combine individual coaching with group workshops and a variety of models and tools (including personality profiling and 360 assessments) to help our clients reach their personal and professional goals.
Regardless of the process, our clients will achieve deeper self-awareness, greater self-confidence & increased personal resilience.

Our Philosophy

  • Our Values (our compass)
  • Maintain a consistent pace through balance
  • Having integrity that is above reproach
  • Be unwavering in our principles
  • Strive for excellence in all that we do
  • Focus strongly on continuous personal development
  • Remain determined to serve with respect and honour
  • Deliver through teamwork and collaboration

Meet our Coaches

Dr. Martie Lancellas

Dr. Martie Lancellas

Founder, Executive Coach, Supervisor

As Founding member of Strong Foundation, Dr Lancellas is passionate about people reaching their potential. She comes highly recommended as a coach, mentor and consultant.

Lizel Stephan

Lizel Stephan

Business & Life Coach, Facilitator

As professional Coach and Facilitator, Lizel's heart is to empower individuals and teams toward transformational choices. 

Meet our happy clients