Which type of  Coaching is Right For Me?

We all have something that we might need a bit of help with, right?  Answer these questions to help you find your direction.


I want to improve my self-awareness, esteem or people skills.

Life coaching is a powerful tool. If this statement resonates with you, we have the tools, insights and experience to guide you towards your goals, or even figure out what those goals may be. We focus on everything from unpacking of life experiences, career path direction and communication skills.

I want to further my career through people skills, cultural awareness and direction.

A unique combination of life coaching and business consulting can be used here to help give direction to one’s career path in the planned direction or shed light on one’s unexpressed goals that may not be top of mind, but remain constantly prevalent in the mind.

I wish to create a productive working environment for my team.

The success of an organisation can be measured against its health and well-being. Strong Foundation believes in creating a culture of excellence through establishing healthy boundaries, measurable activities and behaviour that helps in achieving the organisation’s vision and mission. Find out more about our Business Consulting here.

I am a leader in business and wish to teach others how to manage and be great leaders.

Three levels of coach-the-coach training exist that will advance the very skills needed to inspire and teach others to become coaches:

Equipt to Coach
Certificate in Coaching
Diploma in Coaching

I am a parent who wishes to equip my child with necessary, but often overlooked life skills.

Life Coaching is not only for those with what we call “problems” or challenges. Life Coaching is exactly what it says coaching for the equipping of a person for every day life. This will help focus on topics that are not discussed at school or necessarily at home. This is tackled at an age appropriate level.

Life Coaching

Our aim is to facilitate personal ownership, increase self-awareness and establish a personal strong foundation that supports personal and professional goals.


Six short-term workshops aimed at six topics: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Coaching Skills for Leadership, Surviving Conflict and Effective Team though Personality Profiling.

Workplace Consulting

We work hand-in-hand with your organisation to ensure maximum efficiency is reached in the human elements by tackling Organisational Health, Executive Mentoring and 360 Leadership Assessment.


Meet Your Coach



Dr. Martie Lancellas

Founder, Executive Coach, Supervisor

As Founding member of Strong Foundation, Dr Lancellas is passionate about people reaching their potential. She comes highly recommended as a coach, mentor and consultant.


How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Choose your meeting space:

  • Face-to-face at the Strong Foundation office (or at your office)
  • Skype Video call for anyone, as well as our National and Global clients (click here to download Skype and call for free!)
  • Telephone call for our National clients

Choose a Coaching Plan

  • Starts with an introductory session
  • Challenging, yet non-threatening  environment
  • Provides a focused thinking space
  • Establish a personal strong foundation through clarified values, increased self-awareness and self-acceptance.
  • Align personal and professional goals


  • Promotes personal ownership and responsibility
  • Sets up accountability for choices, actions and results

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