Emotional Intelligence

A 2-day programme designed to foster skills in emotional intelligence – Skills for living & leading.

EQ is about building capacity for engaging our own thoughts & feelings and those of others, managing the effects of it in ourselves and in our interpersonal relationships in a healthy and balanced way in order to achieve personal and business success.

Leadership Development

Leadership is influence not position.

Most people define leadership as the ability to achieve a position, not to get followers. Their goal is to go after a position and, when they achieve it, think that they have become a leader. But what happens to the leaders who have status but gain few or no followers?

Coaching Skills for Leadership

It seems like a company can only be as strong as its leaders. Strong Foundation’s qualified and accredited coaches will guide executives through a journey of mentoring by becoming effective leaders while taking care of individual needs. Some of our focus areas are training in emotional intelligence, stress management and becoming resilient individuals.

Surviving Conflict

Imagine how much stronger your relationships would be if you really understood what made people tick — both when things were going well and when there was conflict and opposition. The ability to handle conflict and difficult conversations is an important skill for any person who wants to be happy in the workplace, regardless of your profession.

Effective Team though Personality Profiling

Understanding how personality impacts on relationships and ways of communicating could drastically change the workplace.

Would you like a uniform communication language within the team that is user friendly and simplistic?

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