[Blog by Lizel Stephan]

I was asked a profound question the other day:
“If the last month of your life went on repeat for the rest of your life, what kind of life would you have?”

The question jolted me to a grinding halt, forcing much needed introspection, leaving me with some tough questions and at the same time some new and vaguely familiar feelings of excitement.

Suddenly I was very much in the room! I needed to be in the room!! My life was calling me to attention through one simple question, demanding my energy and focus.

Many of us are in the daily grind, forging ahead, one day after the other, trying to keep head above water, fighting to keep meaning.

This is why I love coaching so much – that one significant, powerful question came into my world and turned it around in a profound way!

We celebrated our student graduation last week and the entire event paid tribute to meaning. Our students tackled the year with incredible commitment and grit, and all of them started the journey having made a deliberate choice to engage in the challenge, to focus their energy and to find meaning. They all came through the experience more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

If you find yourself caught up in the grind, searching for more than the day to day, coaching may very well be a fantastic option to explore. I invite you to connect with us.

We’ve been going strong for 26 years and believe in following foundational values:

People have infinite potential
Choices have consequences – both good and bad
We are all thinking partners
Relationship is more important than the issue
Treat others the same way you expect to be treated
We work together and we celebrate together
The extra mile doesn’t cost much, go there!
Trust is key.

We hope to see YOU in our Strong Foundation space!